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Simple Python Web Scanner

Python Web Scanner (PWS)

Version 1.0.1

This project was inspired by a bored afternoon after getting root on a vulnhub vm. This python script was developed on Python 3. (Not meant for hardcore scanning, but just an alternative I use when I just want to run dir scans)


Open up main.py and change the variable base_url to your target url. Example: http://www.example.com ,

Run main.py normally and wait for it to end. Output will be shown in terminal.

(Manage your threading instances by changing the counter value condition from default: 15000) WARNING: MAY FAIL DUE TO MULTIPLE REQUESTS AND TARGET SERVER IS UNABLE TO REPLY IN TIME.

Credits to https://blog.thireus.com/web-common-directories-and-filenames-word-lists-collection/ for the wordlist!

Link to Git: https://github.com/ahboon/python_web_scanner

Simple Python Web Scanner
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